We all have wisdom inside of us. Sometimes, we just need help digging up our own answers.

The best conversations happen with people who simply care. I believe that is also what makes a great coach. My purpose as a coach isn’t to provide answers but rather to care so deeply for the person in front of me. My goal is to provide individuals space to process their thoughts and courage to choose which thoughts they will believe. My purpose is to help individuals find their own answers.

My professional journey began in 2011 when I started my career at a Fortune 100 Company. Two years later, I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

For the past ten years I have had the opportunity to lead individuals and teams. During my professional career I have always focused on leading myself first so I can then lead others.

Because of my value and commitment to personal and professional growth, I started working with business coaches early on in my career. I became a Core Growth client in 2011. While I am new to the Core Growth team as a coach, I am not new to the company or the mission and values.

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The best things usually happen when humans connect.

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Through my past and current experiences, I have engaged in public speaking to groups, both large and small, helped coordinate and lead development events, and coached and mentored others to success.

Coaching is the professional achievement that fulfills me most. It is a gift to give back to others what was so kindly given to me.

I work with my clients in the emotional intelligence space. I encourage them to grow through the process of reflection and slowing down so they can then speed up. In providing my clients space to process, I encourage my clients to take one small step towards action. It is the constant small steps that create impactful change.

I work with small teams, individuals learning to lead themselves, and emerging leaders.

I have my coaching certification through Harrison Assessment International.