"Learning opens the mind and begs it to play." - Brendon Burchard

We believe in serving the people of the world; however, there are only so many hours in a day and days in a year. The question that has tugged on our heart for a great deal of time is how to connect more, how to serve more, and how to provide more to our world. Our answer? Through technology of course!

Our online courses allow us to be with you on your journey! We often ask our clients and ourselves, what is one baby step you can take today to create the life you desire.

Our courses allow you to take a step toward your best self.

Coaching From Within

We have created a process in which you can LEAD YOURSELF FIRST.

This course is built to guide and support you through the process of choosing to grow. In choosing to grow, you make changes in your life.

Our “Coaching from Within'' course offers you six exercises to teach you self-reflection, mindset training, emotion awareness skills and finally a process to receive feedback so you can get to the next level.

At the end of this course, you will have a coaching tool belt as well as a daily and weekly plan to achieve the changes you desire in your life.

In less than one month, you will be on the trajectory to a better version of yourself.


"Caitlyn has coached me to achieve goals that I never knew I had, she has helped me to identify & find confidence in my strengths, and has empowered me to always reach for more. You couldn't find a kinder, more driven, or thoughtful person to work with."

- Amber Skogstad
Director of Internship Development, Northwestern Mutual of Nebraska

"I've worked with Lynn and Core Growth for many years. My own coaching, key team member's coaching, prospective talent fit and assessment, and team building. We've benefited from Lynn and her team's many capabilities. Lynn's deep experience, instincts, intuition, and unfaltering optimism make her invaluable!"

- Shawn Mackey
Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual Irvine, California