About Us

Will you share your story with us? We can go first.

Core Growth was established in 2005. Core Growth helps individuals grow through phases by increasing emotional intelligence, maximizing strengths and managing blind spots.

We help new teams, teams in transition, and partnerships increase productivity by strengthening communication, trust, and accountability with each other.

Our Mission:

To help people realize their greatness.

Our Belief:

There is so much wisdom inside of you. Our job as coaches is to ask you questions so you can get to your own answers.

Our Values:


To roar or to try again tomorrow.

We believe courage is the trait that pushes us to grow. Courage allows us to express what we need and to be honest with ourselves. Courage is the trait that lets us roar; it also allows us to say, I am going to try again tomorrow.


For ourselves and others.

When we are curious, we come open-hearted. Curiosity allows us to build a deeper relationship with ourselves and others. Curiosity allows us to see the world through a different lens.


There is more than enough.

When we choose abundance, it quiets fear. It reminds us that we have more than we need. Abundance is the opposite of scarcity. Abundance requires faith. Abundance reminds us that we are enough.


It matters.

At the end of the day, love matters. How you love yourself, how you love your family, how you love your team and how you love your neighbor. We know that when empathy is present, we allow everyone to live into their emotions and simply feel.

Meet our team

Lynn Casaletto

Founder & Executive Coach

Lynn founded Core Growth Consulting in 2005 and has been coaching individuals and teams for the past 15 years. Lynn is a lifelong learner. Lynn is in charge of dreaming up the continuous vision of the Core Growth company. The question she always asks is How can we best serve the world?

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Caitlyn Guenther


Caitlyn provides coaching to individuals who are learning to lead themselves, emerging leaders and small teams. She is also the team’s creative lead and content creator. Previously, Caitlyn spent eight years at a Fortune 500 company where she worked in the space of recruitment and leadership development.

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Gail Wills

Executive Assistant

Gail is focused on delivering breakthrough support to our clients. She manages the Core Growth calendar and ensures all systems and processes are running efficiently. Gail also serves as the Office Administrator at her local church in Indiana.

Craig Casaletto

Director of Operations

Craig leads the company in the areas of finance, technology, and systems. Craig brings a unique and investigative perspective to personal and professional development as he previously spent over fifteen years in the law enforcement field.

Who we work with

"Coaching is a built in process to reflect and then pivot. I've been able to grow as a coach because of our coaching. I show up better for my team and am better able to have tough conversations."

- Steve Mott
Owner/Principal Broker, Midwest Land Group

"We all get in our own way, telling ourselves things that are untrue. Coaching helps me create the space to reflect on and ask the question.....what are you telling yourself?"

- Lance Trammell
Wealth Management Advisor, Trammell Financial Group