What do you really want in life?

Go on a self-discovery journey with the best coach out there…...YOU. Stop listening to another "expert"in the field of "self help" and find the answers inside of you.


Are you tired of picking up every self help book known to mankind?

Do you listen to hundreds of self improvement podcasts but still find yourself stuck in some area of your life?

Do you ask the most successful people you know for advice but still find yourself in the same place?

Then this means you need to stop looking to others for answers and start looking for solutions within.

We all know a quick fix doesn’t work but we often choose it anyway. While getting answers from others is easy, it is not a long term solution. Our course allows you to find your voice and with that find true fulfillment.

When people have problems, they go looking for answers from others! Our course doesn’t throw another solution or idea your way, it asks you to search from WITHIN! It asks you to find your OWN answers. After all, there is only one you and you have SO much wisdom inside of you.


Coaching from Within

An online course for heart-based high achievers who want to make a change in their life. Go on a journey of self-discovery and find your true fulfillment. Perfect for someone wanting to discover their voice and make a change in their life.

By taking this course, you will learn how to:

➞  IDENTIFY what is working well in your life and what is causing pain (so you can finally make a change).

➞  PRACTICE the tools needed to increase your emotional intelligence, self awareness, and mindset (all skill sets needed for long term change).

➞  BUILD daily, weekly, and monthly habits (so you can take yourself to the next level).

➞  CREATE the habit of journaling and reflection (so when life changes, your plan can change too).

What is included?

Module 1


In module 1, we will lay the foundation for the course. We will first take inventory of where you currently are at in life. You will learn:

➞  How to take inventory of what is going well in your life and what is causing pain

➞  How others view you and how you view yourself. You will discover your natural gifts and learn what is holding you back

➞  How to observe your emotions, energy, and mindset to strengthen emotional intelligence

Module 2


Module 2 is all about committing to one or two changes you want to create in your life. You will work through the emotional barriers that could potentially hold you back. You will learn:

➞  How to identify the cost of not making the change you desire

➞  How to recognize and name the emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, and relational cost of a decision

➞  How to recognize and call upon your past courage that allowed you to break through and create change

Module 3


After discovering your “what” and the “why”, you will finish by determining the “how.” In Module 3 you will implement the changes you desire by creating a tangible plan. You will learn:

➞  How to visualize the change you desire by creating it first in your mind

➞  How to build belief that the change can happen

➞  How to create daily, weekly, and monthly actions that create long term success

➞  How to incorporate the practice of journaling and reflection to sustain self-awareness

Your transformation is possible

Go on a journey of self-discovery and find your true fulfillment.

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About Core Growth

Core Growth Consulting has been helping individuals and teams strengthen and build upon their emotional intelligence for over 15 years. Through this work our clients discover and learn a new way of leading themselves and others.

At Core Growth Consulting, our goal is coaching people to get what they truly want in life. We work with individuals, teams, and coaches who are ready to live the life they’ve imagined for themselves.

Meet Your Certified Coach

Lynn Casaletto

Lynn’s professional journey began in 2000 where she spent her time recruiting for a Fortune 100 Company in New York City. Lynn quickly discovered her love of people and the hero’s journey. This is where her fascination to understand the quest for fulfillment, achievement, and human behavior was born.

Five years later, Core Growth Consulting was established and Lynn launched the mission to help people choose faith over fear on their journey to success.

Lynn considers herself a lifelong learner and has received her coaching certification through Harrison Assessment International and the Martha Beck Institute in addition to several leadership conferences, workshops, and courses.

Lynn works with her clients to help strengthen and build upon their emotional intelligence. As Daniel Goleman says "We are being judged by a new yardstick: not just how smart we are, or by our training and expertise, but also by how well we handle ourselves and each other." Lynn works with individuals, teams in transition, and organizational leaders who are choosing to grow and be outside of their comfort zone.

Meet Your Certified Coach

Caitlyn Guenther

Caitlyn’s professional journey began in 2011 when she started her career at a Fortune 100 Company. For the past ten years she has had the opportunity to lead individuals and teams. During her professional career, Caitlyn has always focused on leading herself first she can then lead others.

Because of her value and commitment to personal and professional growth, Caitlyn started working with business coaches early on in her career. She became a Core Growth client in 2011. While she is new to the Core Growth team as a coach, she is not new to the company or the mission and values.

Through her past and current experiences, Caitlyn has engaged in public speaking to groups, both large and small, helped coordinate and lead development events, and coached and mentored others to success. Coaching is the professional achievement that fulfills her most. Caitlyn believes it is a gift to give back to others what was so kindly given to her.

Caitlyn works with my clients in the emotional intelligence space. She encourages them to grow through the process of reflection and slowing down so they can then speed up. In providing her clients space to process, Caitlyn encourages her clients to take one small step towards action. It is the constant small steps that create impactful change. Caitlyn works with small teams, individuals learning to lead themselves, and emerging leaders. She has her coaching certification through Harrison Assessment International.

“This course came at a time when I SO needed it in my life! It helped me recenter when I was feeling totally lost with goals for my business and personal life. This course gave me excitement to get creative and hope for what is to come!”

- Emily Frenzen

“This course helped bring to the surface some key things that I kinda already knew existed and helped me put priorities into action. Rather than just mulling over things, I am able to work towards constructive improvements or healthy ways of thinking.”

- Morgan Kumm

Are you ready to discover and listen to your own voice?

Say YES to the voice in your head and heart that is guiding you toward true fulfillment.

“Self help” practices are in abundance. They can be complicated, lengthy, and often don’t lead you to results. This course will provide direction and guidance from our team and most importantly, yourself.

Leading From Within Course


  • Complete Course Workbook
  • 3 Video Modules
  • Practical Exercises

Get Access for Only $149 

Whether you purchase this course for yourself or a friend, you are giving the best gift: the gift of investing in yourself. For $149, you will receive the complete course workbook, 3 video courses, and our team leading you through exercises needed to create change.

No Risk Guarantee

This course will help you find true fulfillment. During the first 5 days of purchase, if you feel you are not making the progress you expected, contact us and we will issue you a full refund.

“Coaching from within allowed me to think differently. It really does hit home “from within”. If we can show up for ourselves, the vision looks really great for everyone. At times I thought to myself didn’t I already respond to this question…but it was meant to be that way as it made me think and dream. It was a feel good – especially hearing from friends/coworkers. Great energy that I wanted to keep working in the workbook.”

- Taylor Barnes

Common Questions

How much time is required?

Great question! If you are like us, you only follow through if it is scheduled. So, make time each week to do the course! The exact time frame to complete this course will be different for everyone. We suggest you aim to complete the course in 1 month. We believe this is an extremely DOABLE goal. For week one, schedule three half hour sessions (90 minutes total) on your calendar. You can then gauge how long modules & exercises are taking you & plan out the rest of the course.

Is everything available immediately?

Yes. Once you purchase the course, you will immediately get access to all course videos and the course workbook.

How long do I have access to the course?

There is no time limit on the course. You are allowed as much time as needed to complete the course.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

If you feel yourself getting stuck with the course, our first piece of advice is to come back to the module of exercise the following day or after a short break. While the course is short, the questions require you to dig deep. Next, we recommend you email our team. We are always here to support you on your journey.

Is there a community with this product?

This is a self paced course taken individually. To add a layer of accountability, many of our clients take the course with a friend or peer for discussion and accountability.